Services Offered

7 Panel, HCTG 12 weeks, Lash Lift, Lash Lift & Tint, Non surgical lift., T4 panel/ levels of thyroxine in blood , 1 full syringe, 19G Barbed 120 length, Advanced Class, Barbed- Non-surgical facelift, Botox injection, Calcium based filler, Classic Lash Fill, Classic Lashes, Consult , Cosmetic procedure where the lips are tinted. , Defyne/ half of syringe , Dermal blading/fine hair and skin , Dissolver , Dypsort , Dysport/ nuerotoxin similar to botox, Fine lines Versatile filler, Follow up/ Check on services received , Hair/Sclerotherapy/Pigmentation, Hybrid Lash Fill, Hybrid Lashes, Improves orgasm, helps with incontinence , Juvederm +/ Half syringe , Juvederm +/ Used for enhancement , Juvederm ultra/ If only half a syringe is used , Juvederm ultra/ Used for fine lines., Juvederm voluma/ Cheeks , Lyft is used for nose and cheeks, more firmness., micro-needling w/prp, Microneedling/ Generate new collagen & skin tissue, Models for class, Neurotoxin similar to Botox, Payment for class, PRP/ Plasma Rich Protein, Refyne/ Half a syringe , Refyne/ Used for fine lines and under the eyes , Restylane/ Used for lips cheeks and enhancing, Twist 60mm, Twists 30mm, Used for around the top lip to add fullness., Volume Lash Fill, Volume Lashes, A1C blood panel / 3 month average of blood sugar , Blood panel w-insur./ Labs & hormone panel, Blood panel w-out insur,/ labs & hormone panel , CBC blood panel/ Complete blood count, comprehensive panel/ measures 14 substances , DHEA/ A hormone made by your adrenal gland, Drug test/ Professional and personal drug test, Estradiol panel/ 1 of 3 estrogens in the body , Estrogen panel/ View of all 3 female hormones, IGF-1/ Measures the amount of insulin growth , Lab to check Vitamin d levels in blood, Measures the thyroid stimulating hormone , Pregnancy report, Progesterone panel/female hormone made by ovaries , Prolactin panel/Diagnose a pituitary gland problem, PSA Panel/ Prostate specific antigen, Review of T3, T4 and TSH blood levels , Sexually transmitted disease test, T3 panel/ level of triiodothyronine in blood., Testosterone panel/ Testosterone level check , Testosterone/ Free and total level check , 1 injection of testosterone , 1Testosterone injection for females, Annual blood draw/ With Insurance , Annual blood draw/ Without insurance , FAST aCTING, Hormone consultation, Hormone follow up, Pellets Female/ Placed in the subQ tissue, Pellets male/ Placed under the subQ tissue, redraw, Redraw of blood, House call Carlsbad-loving Lg/ 4 or more people, Cold & Flu IV recovery bag, Cupid IV jolt , Entire IV Room Access 4 /clean-up, Extra hydration, Gastric Pts w potassium, Holiday sale, House call Carlsbad-Loving/ Up to 4 people , IV Arthritis Treatment, IV class, IV Therapy Anti Anxiety bag, IV Therapy Anti-Inflammatory, IV Therapy Burning man Bag, IV Therapy Consult, IV Therapy Hangover Bag, IV Therapy Hydration bag, IV Therapy Iron bag, IV Therapy-- J Glo, IV Vitamin, IV/ Increase endurance as well as muscle recovery , Liver bag cleanse and vitamin replacement, migraine iv bag, Myers IV Vitamin , Nausea hydration, Phlebotomy Bloodlet/ In clinic procedure only , Potassium replacement, Review Therapies for IV Replacement, AOD/ Prohibits storage of fat , CJC-1295 injection, Helps the body focus on lean tissue & muscle grow, IGF-LR3/ Increases adipose tissue , Ipamorelin/ Growth & repair of muscle, skeletal, Melanotan/ A sunless tanning injection, MOD GRF/Simulating natural growth hormone product , Advanced Wound Care, Bloodlet members pricing, Breathing treatment/ shortness of breath, asthma , Breathing treatment/nebulizer, Ceftriaxone antibiotic, Complicated Wounds/ price subject to increase, Covid/ A prescription to get tested for the virus, Flu Test/ Comes with strep & flu, includes visit w/NP, IV therapy & Rx, LUNCHBREAK, Medical card recertification , Medical card/ non narcotic treatment , Phone visit , Physical , Physical and history of patients milestones, Physical W/ blood work yearly check up, Primary care , Primary care/ With narcotic , Recertification (New Card), Strep test/ Cold & Flu season, Suturing-Splinting/ Trained to preform basic , Wound care/Dressing change, Sclerotherapy 1hr or less, Sclerotherapy 30 min or less, Diphenhydramine/ Antihistamine, allergies, All b Vitamins , Anti-nausea, Arginine for blood flow, Arginine/ Vasodilator, great for circulation, B Vitamins , Biotin shot for hair, skin, nails, B-Sting- Niacin, and B-vitamins , Chromium/ Great for stabilizing blood sugar, CoQ10/ Helps produce energy for your body., Dexamethasone/ Steroid for inflammation, D-ribose/ Improve energy levels, fatigue, Extra tube add on , Folic Acid/ Used to treat types of anemia, Glucosamine/ For joints, great for arthritis , Glutamine/ Great for digestion , Glutathione/ Great for the skin, hair, and nails , Kenalog/ Used to treat allergies, Eczema, Itching, Ketorolac/ Helps with mild to moderate pain, L-Carnitine/ Remove fat out of cells, Lysine/ Used to treat cold sores, Magnanese/Helps the body utilize & digest protein , Magnesium/ Essential electrolytes , NAD Mental clarity 100mg, Necessary for growth, development, and repair, Nerve function, metabolism, and digestion, Niacin/ For the nervous system, digestive, Ondansetron/ Anti nausea medication, Promethazine/ Anti-nausea medication, Raising blood levels of B12 , Restoration Steroids and B12, Selenium/ Boosts immune system, Sodium Bicarb/ Helps rid the body of toxins, Taurine/ Has an effect on mental an athletic, Used for alertness, focus, attention and memory, Vitamin D, Vitamin D & Coq10, 1 session of injection, we recommend our 12 week, 12 Week session for best results, 2 week meal plan made by Provider , Anti-obesity-drug. , combination of carnitine & b , Follow up appointment for weight loss medication, Macro-counting/ Nutrition consult, Provider plans your meals for 2 weeks., Weight loss pills

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