Terms and Conditions



**We are a Custom Salon**

We love to pamper you! With that said every chemical service and haircut are customed to you. There are so many factors that go into a service and its impossible to list them all online. We have offered a base time and price but please recognize that not all prices are in stone and will fluctuate depending on length, thickness and other factors. 


**New Chemical Service Customers**

All new customers receiving a Color, Highlight or Keratin service will be ask to provide a non-refundable, non-moveable $100 deposit.

**24 Hour Notice for Cancellations**

All appointments will be charged Full Price for missed or last-minute cancellations. Any appointment that has had a last minute cancellation more than 3 times in a row will not be able to have an appointment without a deposit.

**Failure to Arrive ON TIME for a Scheduled Appointment**

Any customer who arrives late more than 3 times in a row will forfeit your time in my chair. Extremely late or late appointments do not work. You will be asked to pay for your missed appointment. You may be asked to put a deposit to hold your next appointment if the time remaining does not comply with recommended service time scheduled.

As a professional hairstylist, my income is based solely upon services provided to you, my clients. Arriving on time for your scheduled service ensures the proper time necessary to comfortably complete your services and the services of others as they arrive on schedule throughout the day. Late or missed  appointments cause another client to miss out on that scheduled time.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Roxanne Clarke, Owner