Zapatat®️ -World's Fastest Tattoo Removal                        Guaranted Results in 24-48 weeks! 

In over a decade, Zapatat®️ has performed 40,000+ treatments and served over 6,000 satisfied clients. That is in a single location.

Our research team produced the world’s fastest tattoo removal, ART®️. With over 2,000 ARTs®️ we continue to learn and get even faster removals. Typical results are 50-80% clearance in 12 weeks after the first ART®️ treatment. We’ve already reduced removal to 2-4 sessions, 24-48 weeks vs years (much faster than any Pico). 

We are humbled by client reviews that usually compliment our friendly, skilled staff and great results. Our clients often say it was a great experience overall. Great customer service and faster results is what we are all about! 

  Full Removal in 24 weeks, 2 ARTs



Services Offered

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Facials  

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