IMPORTANT: To ensure your first booking is correct, all NEW CLIENTS are required to schedule their first appointment through our front desk team. Once you have been in our Salon or Spa, you will then be guided on how to schedule your future appointments. Thank you for your understanding!

Please remember, our technical Salon services are a BASE price ONLY. Pricing may vary depending upon length, porosity, texture and time. 

If you are unable to schedule an appointment online, please call our front desk team for assistance in finding the best time for you.

Should any errors occur while online booking, you may be contacted to reschedule or if there is not enough time, you may receive only a portion of the initial service scheduled.

Please read our cancellation policy. Online booking is our way of trying to ease your busy life without having to call us. It is important to know our staff's time is also very valuable. If you fail to show to your appointment or cancel with short notice, you will be charged and online booking services may no longer be available to you. 

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