Services Offered

CANDELA Machine Malfunction , Laser Hair Reduction Consultation, CoolSculpt Consult, CoolSculpt Photo/Touch Up, CoolSculpt Treatment, Covid Rapid Test , CUTERA Genesis Add on , CUTERA Laser Genesis, CUTERA Laser Hair Reduction 20 minutes, CUTERA Laser Hair Reduction 60 minutes, CUTERA Laser Veins 20 minutes, CUTERA Laser Veins 40 minutes, CUTERA Laser Veins 60 minutes, Dermapen, EmSculpt Abs Paddle 2, EmSculpt Biceps , EmSculpt Buttocks , Emsculpt Free Area , EmSculpt Thigh Back , EmSculpt Thighs Front , Emsculpt Thighs Inner, EmSculpt Triceps , EmScuplt Maintenance Tx , Geilla Makeup Application, Image II Face Machine, Eyelash Application, Make-Up Application, Make-Up Complimentary Touch-UP, Make-Up Lesson, Make-Up Touch-Up, MakeUp Wedding Trial Run , Off Site Service , anti-aging eye treatment, Brow Lamination , Brow Tint, Eyelash Strip Application, Facial-Mens , Lash Lift , Lash Lift & Tint , Lash Tint, Lash/Brow Tint, Hair - Free Blowout, Hair Balayage , Hair Balayage & Cut , Hair Bang Trim , Hair Base Color, Hair Base Color and Cut , Hair Basecolor, Full & Cut , Hair Basecolor, Partial & Cut , Hair Breakbase Color, Hair Bridal Trial, Hair Childrens Cut , Hair Curling Iron Add on , Hair DP Basecolor & Cut , Hair DP Basecolor, Full & Cut , Hair DP Basecolor, Partial & Cut , Hair DP Full Highlight & Cut , Hair DP Partial Hightlight & Cut , Hair DR Basecolor , Hair End Color, Hair Extension Consult , Hair Extensions - Length , Hair Extensions- Volume , Hair Flat Iron Add on , Hair Full Highlight, Hair Full Highlight & Cut , Hair Full Highlight w/ Style , Hair Glaze & Blowdry , Hair Glaze Color, Hair Keratin Deep Cond & Blowdry , Hair Keratin Deep Conditioning Tx , Hair Keratin Express , Hair Keratin Smoothing Long Length, Hair Keratin Smoothing Medium Length, Hair Keratin Smoothing Short Length, Hair Kirby Services , Hair Men's Cut, Hair Olaplex Tx & Blowdry , Hair Partial Highlight , Hair Partial Highlight & Cut, Hair perm , Hair Shampoo and Blow Out, Hair Toner Add On , Hair Up Do's, Hair Women's Cut, 120 Minute Deep Tissue Massage, 120 Minute Swedish Massage , 30 Minute Upper Body Massage, 90 minute Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue- 60 Minutes, Hot Stone Massage 2 HR, Massage, Massage - Cupping , Massage - PEMF Therapy, Massage - Post Op Drainage , Massage - Pre Natal/90 minutes, Massage - Reflexology/30 Minutes, Massage - Sinus , Massage - Upper Body 45 minutes, Massage- $30 Promo, Massage Chair Event , Massage- Deep Tissue/ 90Min, Massage- Full Body Medical/ 60 Minutes, Massage Hot stone 60 min, Massage hot stone 90 min, Massage- Pre Natal / 60 minutes, Massage: Medical/30 Minutes, Massage: Medical/60 Minutes, Massage: Swedish- 60 Minutes, Massage:Medical/90 Minutes, Acne Bootcamp Consult , Acne Bootcamp Consult & Treatment, Acne Bootcamp Treatment, Aha/Bha Peels, Aquafacial , Aquafacial w/ Dermablade , Back Facial, Cautery Treatment, CC Return (Mis-charge) , Collagen Mask, Consultation, CryoPen , Dermablade, Dermablade & Facial, Dermablade & Vita Peel, Ear Candling, Elastic Mask, Extractions, Facial, Facial and Brow Wax, Follow-Up Apointment, Glycolic Acid Hand Treatment, Glycolic Peel Treatment, High Frequency Current, Hydrecator TX, Illuminize Peel single tx, Image II Face Machine, Image: 12% Orange Peel Lift, iMAGE: 70%Glc./Retinol Peel, Image:4 Layer face Lift Facial, Image:Enzyme Peel w/ Vit C, Jesner Peel-Image, Lactic Acid Eye Treatment, Leg Vein Consult, Microderm Facial Upstairs , Microdermabrasion & Facial, Microdermabrasion1, Microdermabrasion2, O2 Lift Mask, Obagi Radiance Peel, Orange/TCA Peel, Oxygen Acne Treatment, Oxygen Facial, Oxygen Facial with Dermablade, OXYGEN FACIAL WITH DERMABLADE2, OXYGEN FACIAL WITH MICRODERM, OXYGEN FACIAL2, Oxygen Treatment, OXYGEN TREATMENT2, PCA back/shoulder peel, PCA Full Body Peel, PCA Oxygenating Trio Facial, PCA Peel, Pca Peel Chest, PCA Peel Forte, PCA Peel w/ Hydroquinone , PCA Sensi Peel , Pumpkin Peel, Rejuvanize peel single tx, Replenix Perfect Peel Advanced, Replenix Perfect Peel Intermediate, Replenix Perfect Peel Universal, Salicyclic Peel, Skin Analysis, Skin tag excison, Speciality Masks, Stitch Removal, Storyderm Mask Add on , Storyderm ORS Add On , Teen Facial, Touch Up Appointment, Vitalize Peel single tx, Back Wax, Brazillian Wax, Brow Wax, Chin Wax, Lip & Brow Wax, Lip Wax, Stomach Wax, WAX-FRENCH BIKINI , WAXING - HALF LEG, WAXING - FULL FACE, WAXING - THIGH, Waxing: Bikini Wax, Waxing: Chest, Waxing: Nose, Waxing: Underarm, Waxing:Arm, Waxing:Full Leg, Cyanocobalamin 1000mcg 30 ml/vial, Fat Shot, INJECTION BOTOX, Injection Touch-Up fee, Injection: Kybella, Injection: Radiesse, Injection: Vitamin B12 Shot, Injection: Volbella , Injection: Voluma, Injection-Dysport, Juvederm Injection, Perlane, Restylane, vampire face lift, vampire face lift consult, Vitamin B 12 Package (5), Microblading Consult , Microblading Touch Up , Microblading Treatment , Sclerotherapy, Extreme Full Set Lashes, Xtreme Fill Lashes, Xtreme Half Set Lashes, Xtreme Lash Removal , CANDELA Laser Brown Pigmentation Spot, CANDELA Laser hair reduction 1.5 hours, CANDELA Laser hair reduction 15 minutes, CANDELA Laser hair reduction 30 minutes, CANDELA Laser hair reduction 60 minutes, CANDELA Laser Spiderveins 15 minutes, CANDELA Laser Spiderveins FACE 30 minutes, CANDELA Laser Spiderveins LEG 60 minutes, CUTERA Laser Hair Reduction 40 minutes, Cynosure Laser Rejuvenation, NUMBING TIME , Skin Rejuvenation, SR/SRA Consultation, SRA Chest, SRA Syneron Laser, Sublative Syneron Laser, ALMA Carbon Face Peel , ALMA DYE-VE, ALMA Laser Clearlift , ALMA Laser Consult , ALMA Laser Melasma Treatment , ALMA Laser Pixel , ALMA Laser Pixel Spot Treat, ALMA Laser Tattoo Removal , vela shape, Vela Shape 3, vela shape consult, Hydrating and Tanning, Tanning, Tanning - Rapid Tan, Tanning 2, Tanning PROMO, SkinPen #1, SkinPen #2

Business Hours

Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM